Sunday Celebration - 10:45AM
Thursday, December 01, 2022
Redemption, Refuge, Recovery, Restoration, Release

About - Latter Rain Christian Fellowship

Latter Rain Christian Fellowship is a gathering of believers committed to growing in their life and practice as Christians in the Kingdom of God. The church, a fully recognized non-profit religious corporation officially began its mission on Sunday, February 7, 1993 as a small assemblage of individuals gathered together in the home of Brenda Hazel, the Founding Pastor. LRCF functions in its calling as a place of "Redemption, Refuge, Recovery, Restoration and Release for all people!

The Biblical "Latter Rain" (Joel 2:23) represents heaven's downpour; rains that precedes and prepares the ground for the time of harvest. This is spiritually understood as the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulting in the end-time harvest of souls and heralding the earthly return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We ask the Lord of the harvest to "Send Down the Rain," that souls be reaped for the Kingdom of God.

Father filtered, Christ centered, Spirit directed and Mission oriented, LRCF is committed to the support of evangelistic efforts at home and on foreign soil.  Aligned with the universal call of the gospel, the LRCF A.R.M. ("A Right Mind") Ministry Team locally ministers the grace and love of God to the institutionalized mentally ill.

Birthed through the ministry to children, RAISING YOUNG LIVES ( is a 501c3 Non-profit Community Development Corporation designed to "Engage, Encourage, Educate and Inspire" youth between the ages of 4 and 17 years old to become even better versions of themselves. 

Latter Rain Christian Fellowship is a member of Partners in Harvest, a Toronto, Ontario based international network of churches embracing and continually pursuing renewal and revival worldwide.